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Lifelike is a PC RPG in production by Albino Pigeon Productions. Lifelike is about a world at war. However, this is the world where thrown away drawings come to life. You begin only being able to play as the Guy (or the Gal), a stick figure new to this world who must gather up allies and survive in this new world.

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    New page: There are 65 different playable characters in Lifelike Series 1. Each character has their own special abilities and attacks they can use. Some...
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    New page: Metallic is one of 18 elements. Characters, weapons, and pets of this element have robotic powers. CharactersEdit Mr. Cabs Cavey Sprocket Labby Dr....
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    New page: Average is an element. Characters, weapons, and pets of the Average element have average powers. Contents 1 Characters 2 Weapons 3 Pets 4 Trivia ...
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    New page: Elements are the type of energy inside of Playable Characters, Pets, and Weapons. Attacks from characters, pets, and weapons are often related to...
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    New page: Name The Guy Species Stick Figure Gender Male Element Average Role Playable Character Home Blacktown Starting Abilities Can Wear Armor ...

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